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Learn to Invest/Set Up Retirement. Receive expert guidance on how to use cryptocurrency to grow your networth and set up an early and secure retirement.

Taxation information

Get assistance filing your taxes for your capital gains on cryptocurrency. Understand the law and receive forms that help you stay out of tax trouble.

Optional Online Course

Access to Investing/Crypto Course on Novam Learning

Split With A Friend

Split your membership with a friend. Get the ability to split the costs, share the materials and access with a friend!

Maneuver the inflation crisis

Maneuver through the inflation apocalypse by understanding how to use technology to barter. Even when the internet goes down, societies will begin forming and need order. Understand how crypto will STILL be present even in those times.. yes FULL PROOF.

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Frequently asked questions

I find that people who hesitate joining programs that seek to teach them how to make money and grow their wealth never end build it on their own. Crypto is becoming people’s only way to break the poverty cycle because it’s destroying money as we know it. In this mentorship group you’ll learn how to use crypto as a wealth building and a survival asset. 

Yes! We encourage enrollees to share their membership with a friend so it becomes more affordable and you have an accountability partner. However, your friend will not have personal access to the courses, discord or the telegram but you can share your course materials and share access to the private zoom sessions. 

I’d hate to see you cancel, but if it’s needed, you can easily send an email to cancel your membership and it will be canceled within 24 hours. 

There are no refunds once you’ve been enrolled and receive the automated emails. The amount of information and time it takes to onboard each enrollee is one I cherish and put a lot of work into. You can cancel before your next subscription if you’d like to drop from the mentorship.